Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Life is Short

We all have heard it time and again that life is too short to 1) be unhappy, 2) be married to a jerk, or 3) not tell someone that you love them. The past several weeks have brought that very close to home. We have lost a very close family member, Alice, our step-mom. She was a sweet, wonderful, faithful woman who loved us all very much. She is missed and will always be missed. We sent balloons skyward after her memorial with messages from all of us. We have another angel watching over us.

On June 2nd, a very close friend had triple bypass surgery. He is now home and recovering well although he has many more months ahead of him. The best part is that there was no permanent heart damage from the blockages. God is good!

On Friday, we learned that a wonderful woman that we know has been diagnosed with cancer. Chemo is an option and they are going to get a second opinion. I am dedicating a novena that I am starting tomorrow to her. Many prayers would be greatly appreciated. Update (8/20/14): She cannot tolerate chemo and has been put on Hospice. Still praying for a miracle.

I love my husband very much. I tell him every day how special he is and how much I love him. Life is too short....so be happy, love with your whole heart, and don't wait until tomorrow to tell someone you care or how special they are. God bless and I am saying prayers for y'all. 

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