Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare, PC, and Religious Freedom

Today the Supreme Court upheld the law tagged as "Obamacare". I don't care if you support or oppose this law. I have mixed emotions about this event as well as the law, mostly because the lawmakers are ALLOWED to incorporate a bunch of junk (i.e., requiring healthcare coverage to cover abortion even when the employer morally objects to it) within the good items (no pre-existing condition; health insurance exchanges; lower drug costs to Medicare patients; no life-time maximums, etc.) that can actually help our poor, our disadvantaged, our children & our elderly. Everyone is screaming - whatever their feelings are. Myself, I think where we need government reform is in the way they write the bills that may become law. ONE LAW PER BILL...that should be it! Stop sneaking crap into an otherwise decent bill. Stop trying to screw the good people of this great country. The lawmakers - including the President of the United States - should have the decency to be upfront, straightforward and HONEST - yes, I said politicians should be honest! I don't care if they believe in God (well I do but that is a whole different rant) but they should believe that the citizens of this country DESERVE - are actually ENTITLED - to have decent, honest, law-abiding senators and congressmen as well as a President that does NOT try to pull a fast one. They think if they throw this line in on page 552 that no one will get that far and it'll skate through with the rest of the bill. Hello people!! Wake up and figure out where the real problem is in the infrastructure of our government itself. We need to fix it from the inside out! Starting with how a bill is written. That should be simple enough.

My Catholic faith is paramount in my life. I believe that abortion is NOT a God-given right. I do not believe that killing - especially a child that is completely defenseless - is ever right. We should ALL be protected from the time of conception until natural death, period. Don't yap at me about exceptions - a human being is a human being regardless of age, sex, size, shape, color, etc. We should not be pushed into a corner by bullies (politicians, peers, co-workers, or friends/family) who think it should be their way or the highway! Being politically correct is not the same as "Love thy neighbor" - it is simply a way to get everyone thinking and speaking exactly the same. Yikes! I don't want to be like you or you or you! I am an individual and I respect other people. I hope others respect me.

I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit - the Holy Trinity. I believe that our religious freedoms are being blatantly attack by our government and if we do not stand up for that NOW - then our right to speak our minds, or carry a gun, or protect our families & homes, or our right to zillion other things - will gradually be taken from us. And unfortunately, most Americans will not even notice!

Today I am grieving for this country and grieving for our religious freedom that is inches away from being taken away from us completely. Today I am mad as hell at this country for allowing our government officials to continue to pull the wool over our eyes by passing bills that are loaded with potential land minds (literally) and are slowly eroding away this great nation. Today I am still proud to be an American, proud to be Catholic, and proud to stand up, in a venue of my choice, to speak my peace. I just wish someone - anyone - would listen and do something about it. God bless you and God bless America - because we are real trouble!

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