Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summertime, Summertime

So much happening, let's see if I can summarize it quickly. It's all good - so no bad news to report (no worries). Work - check: our jobs are wonderful and fulfilling. Home - check: just installed new central AC unit and will be getting a new roof (due to wind damage). Church - check: awesome! We are done with our 2nd year in lay ministry formation and heading into year 3 in a couple of weeks. We are also involved in our parish RCIA and hospitality (we love both) & Ken, as always, is a Eucharistic Minister. We have a 16-week course in the New Testament beginning in August but no travel to southern Idaho until the spring (great news). Health - check: yearly checkup completed with nothing new to report. Although the new NSAID for my arthritis isn't working very well but....dealing. Ken is currently at his pulmonologist's having his "annual" (more like every-other-year) exam. But he's been very healthy this year. Family - check: Everyone is doing great - no major changes, upheavals, births, etc. Ryan (oldest grandson) graduated from high school in June and is going to Texas A&M in the fall. Katie, the next to graduate, is two years younger than Ryan (almost to the day) so next year we are clear of high school graduations!! Kara is getting married to her beau, Kerem (he is amazing, we love him dearly) so we'll be going to Texas in October for that huge event. Very exciting. Deakin is enrolled in Boise State University (as is his lovely wife) and is enjoying the classes he has already taken. He is very smart - so glad he is finally applying himself. Ken's mom is turning 70 years young this year and we are throwing her a big birthday party - although we cannot get there ourselves, she deserves to have a big celebration. Thanks to Aunt Cindy for all her help in getting the items needed and helping to actually organize it there. Education - check: I am just finishing up my Anatomy class (that was the coolest class so far) and final paper. I hope to be done with it this week. Next term starts September 1st and I hope to hit the ground running with about 7 credits pretty quickly. We'll see how that all turns out. So far so good - grades are good (at WGU everyone has a B average or do not pass the class). Loving the learning....I can see the light (my B.S.) at the end of the tunnel. Just a few more terms and I'll be done!! wow...that's it in a nutshell. Hope your summer is going well - God bless! Until next time.....

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