Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring? Please!

Gray skies - snow - rain - hail - gropple - you name it, we've seen it recently. Our winter has not been horrible. We had one week of several feet of snow, wind, closed roads, etc.; and then not much to speak of. I am not complaining mind you - just wishing for some sunshine now. I can deal with the 40 degrees and even the high winds that we've had, if we could just have some sunshine! Gray is not a color in my book - it is a human condition that occurs when one has a horrible deficiency of sunshine (and probably vitamin D). The occasional blue sky that we have seen is usually short lived but at least it is a reprieve of some sort. Enough about the weather - nothing I can do about it anyway. I am going to Virginia Beach in a few days and it is supposed to be reasonably nice with temps in the 60's and 70's and partly to mostly sunny skies. I am so ready for that -- especially the weather aspect.
Good news - Deakin is done with the Army. He is on "terminal leave" and will officially be done in April; however, he has moved back to Caldwell with his lovely wife, Nicole, and her son , Sebastian, who turns 5 next month and much closer to "Deakin Jr" (aka Brenton) who will be 3 in September. He is happy but will be more so once he gets a good job. I am sure he'll have no problem but keep him and his family in your prayers. In this economy, they will need it.
Our oldest, Mandy, just turned 35 (how can I possibly have a daughter who is in her mid-thirties??) and our youngest, Amanda, turned 26 in January. Grandkids are still 15 in numbers ranging in age from 17 (Ryan will be graduating from high school & turning 18 in June) to 1 (Amanda's little guy, Wesley just celebrated his first birthday). We are planning our trip to Texas in June for Ry's graduation and seeing our other six grandkids (with Ryan makes 8) who live in the same vicinity. It should be a really fun time! We are taking our motorcycle - we have new helmets, new intercoms, new tires, and new brakes plus a tag-along trailer - am really looking forward to getting away and enjoying my dh and this beautiful country!
I am still studying hard. I started my second term on the first and within a week had enough credits that I am now officially a sophomore in college!! Wow...didn't think I would ever say that. I am currently studying human anatomy and physiology - it is one of the most difficult classes so far. I am no science geek so it is a lot of pushing my brain to absorb all of this information. Big big words and pieces of our body that I never knew existed. I have several months to get through this so am confident I will be successful.
Until next time, God bless and enjoy the spring wherever you live.

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Kaybee said...

Yes,Spring is needed!! We still have a foot of snow, and that is after days and days of constant hard rains!
It is always nice to get a post from you in my email! Love hearing how you, the DH and kids are all doing!
You are always in my prayers!