Friday, February 10, 2012


I am nearing the end of my first term with WGU Washington. I have a total of 20 credits and with the successful completion of my first class next term, I will officially be a sophomore in college!! Wow...never thought I would say that. I'm taking one day at a time - one class at a time. I am doing some preliminary reading for two business classes that I hope to test out of the first two weeks of March and then on to my first Anatomy class (keep those prayers coming b/c I am not a science geek - yet!).
We also being the second half of our second year of the Lay Ministry Formation during the first weekend of March. We are very blessed to be involved in such a wonderful group of individuals. We have learned so much about our Catholic faith - and are looking forward to our next class - "First Testament". We have professors this year from Gonzaga University (in nearby Spokane, WA) and so far they have been amazing. I have no doubt this class will be just as amazing.
Ken is getting involved in a national advocacy group with the COPD Foundation and will be spending a few days in Washington, DC in March as well. He is excited and has already been contacted by a Washington group to speak to them about COPD. Like he's not busy enough without taking on more! But he loves it and is passionate about educating people about COPD awareness. If Danika Patrick can do it, so can he!
I will be traveling to Virginia Beach, VA in March for work - I also get to see my sister-in-law and her family while I am there. It should be a fun but very brief stay at the beautiful ocean side town. I hope we don't get a huge storm like we did the last time I was there! Yikes.
Our son, Deakin, will be getting out of the U.S. Army next month after serving our country for over 8 years! We are so proud of him and hope that he finds gainful employment in southern Idaho. He will join his wife, Nicole, and her son in Caldwell. He will also be very close to his son so hopefully he will be able to see him a lot more.
So as you can see, this spring (especially March) is crazy busy for us. Keep us in your prayers as we also keep you in ours. Until next time - blessings!

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