Thursday, October 13, 2011

School, Work, Work, School

I read back through the blog posts recently and was appalled to discover that I had stated how busy we were for months now. I didn't know the meaning of the word busy until now. LOL. There is something going on every single night of our week and if there isn't anything happening that takes us away from home, then I am studying until 9pm. I have completed two courses in the past month and am nearly finished with my third (on Healthcare Ecosystems). I only have 2 math classes remaining to complete my first term (and will hopefully be able to take additional classes so I can finish up sooner).

We are still involved in RCIA as well as the Lay Ministry Formation (in our 2nd year of a 4 year program). Ken is also working from home part-time for, in essence, the COPD Foundation. He loves what he does and all the people's lives that he has touched. He is such a good man - I am truly blessed by having him in my life.

Ken's mom is visiting us the entire month of November and we are so excited to spend this time with her. We are planning on celebrating Thanksgiving as well as Christmas with her during this visit. She and Ken are going to be baking and preparing Christmas "goodies" for all the kids and grandkids - they all seem to enjoy them so much - and our house will smell wonderful! She will also be meeting some more of my family in Washington - my little sisters in the Tri-Cities and their families. I am excited for that as well.
Too much other stuff to write here; however, all the kids and grandkids are well. Of course, there are always issues coming up when you have 5 kids (plus their spouses) and 15 grandkids (several are blended from previous marriages, so that throws a monkey-wrench in once in a while). We love them all and are looking forward to our trip to Texas in June to see Ryan graduate from high school and visit with two daughters and their families. Will be a short visit unfortunately but we are riding the motorcycle so it will take a few days to go down and back.

Our oldest daughter, Mandy, has suggested that we have a big family reunion - wouldn't that be a hoot!? We'll try to get something in the works but with so many individuals involved -- ??? who knows.

Until next time, God bless and keep you safe. Pray for peace, love, and good health.

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