Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation.....the best!!!

My dh and I attended the National Alpha~1 conference in Orlando, FL last weekend. Had a blast, learned a lot, reconnected with other Alphas and their families, AND I won a brand new iPad in a raffle to benefit the Association. I was so shocked when they called my name I couldn't even move. My dh had to push me out of my chair. Btw, that is how I am blogging today (poor laptop hasn't been used all week).

After the conference, the dh drove us to Pensacola to see his mom. She's an awesome lady (& I am not saying that simply because she reads this blog) and we love spending time with her. But she had her own surprise for us. When we arrived sunday evening, she had us put our suitcases in her room. Sitting cross~legged on the bed was her sis, our beloved aunt Cindy!! It was wonderful to see her again ~ it has way too long in between visits. They took us to dinner at Hall's where we ate fried dill pickles (mmmm, my favorite). The next day they took us to Lamberts ~ home of the throwed roll. What's a throwed roll, you ask? Check out and see for yourself. We were at the Foley, AL cafe. We had a blast and ate another wonderful meal. After leaving there we were driving back to Pensacola & we saw the Presidential motorcade driving the opposite direction. The Prez had flown into Pensacola Naval Air Station earlier and then was touring the gulf coast where the oil was doing terrible damage. Lots of cops & black, tinted windowed BIG SUVs. Was interesting to see.

Later that afternoon while we were driving down Davis Highway in Pensacola we saw a man (at least we think it was a man) standing right at the edge of the road. He dropped his pants to the ground and was digging his thong out of his crack. No joke~true story. We couldn't do anything but gawk & then laugh all the home! What a sight that was!!

Now am sitting in Lago Vista, TX at our middle daughter's beautiful home. We arrived late last nite and stayed up later chatting. She has the next several days planned for us including our oldest grandson's 16th birthday!! We are also going to see Kerem's soccer game, go swimming in the lake (less than a block from here), have a BBQ with the oldest daughter & her significant other tomorrow, and......oh, and getting my hair pampered tomorrow as well (I'll post pictures).

If there are typos please for forgive me as I am still getting used to the iPad. God bless and I'll write more after we return home.

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