Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2010 Has Been ..... Interesting!

As most of you probably know, my dh had quite a round earlier this year with a staph infection that had gotten into his port. He was hospitalized, port removed, 2 weeks of IV antibiotics, a couple of esophegueal (sp?) cardiagrams, but after all that, plus a bit of anxiety, he bounced right back. Then in the early spring, my dh was using the spirameter for a study he's involved in. He was poised at the edge of his recliner, exhaled too much oxygen, & passed out cold. Broke his nose on the hardwood floor, blood everywhere - exciting stuff!! I finally caved & had a physical done. Doing some followup labs, etc., but all is well with me. Okay, except for the extra weight I've been storing. So I joined Weight Watchers last week - lost 6.33 lbs the first week (but was sick with a spring cold the entire week). Hopefully I can drop 50 lbs or more and keep it off this time! But I have now shared my cold with my dh so he sick - again. We leave for the Alpha-1 conference & a short vacation soon so he better get well quick!!

Long story short - we love our doctor but really don't need to see her quite so often. She knows us by first name on sight! And she just started here a few months ago! Anyway, keep the dh in your prayers! God bless - until next time....

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