Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Our spring has decided to give us all the moisture that was not thrown our way during the winter months in the form of snow by giving us rain nearly every day. March came in like a lamb and out like a lion instead of the other way around!! Last week we had such a strong, sustained wind that we could hear it in our new house! Pretty good for a 100 year old home - nothing but 40-50 mph winds can be heard inside!!

Easter was awesome. Easter week we went to Mass 5 out of 7 days. It was an amazing journey - I love Easter season. Last week was the Easter Octave (8 days after Easter) ending with last Sunday - the Divine Mercy Sunday. The Deacon explained about the Divine Mercy Sunday and how it was instituted by Pope John Paul so it is fairly recent. We are continuing to learn about our faith and grow with our faith every day. We try every day to live our faith so others can see how wondrous our Lord is.

Spring is trying to spring forth in our very small yard - while the grass is getting very deep (but with so much rain it is difficult to get it cut) and we are finding "volunteer" tulips all over. We'll let them bloom this year and then gently dig them up and plant them in our pots (that we'll put on our front steps).

Spring is also the time for some spring cleaning and I've already begun by cleaning out some clothes, purses, and shoes for our parish garage sale next month. I'm sure I'll have more to add over the next couple of weeks. We ordered our new blinds for our big kitchen and dining room windows so we can cut down the heat from the afternoon sun this summer. Four to six weeks and we'll have them up!!

I'm sure I am forgetting some piece of news that I should add. I'll try to be better about updating this site with newsy stuff about us & our life in the Pacific NW. God bless and until next time.....

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