Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Afternoon Session - Part 2

Wow...amazing. We have been doing vlookups this afternoon - thankfully I am familiar with vlookups. I have been helping a few of my colleagues (we are in the back row so we don't see the formulas very well).

Excel is even more powerful than I had originally thought - go figure - learning something new every single day!! Cleaning up date into columns using month, day, time so I can chart trends, patterns, etc. from ILLiad was also very cool to see. I'm just in amazement that there is so much more data in ILLiad than I ever thought. Of course, using filters and sorting and the usual things are always helpful but using the pivot table feature is going to make this data really sing & dance. I can't wait to get home to see if I can put some of this new found knowledge into practice! Watch out Al & Alex! LOL

Until tonight (if I decide to blog about the social time) or tomorrow after the morning sessions...from sunny (and currently warm) Virginia Beach! Out of here early - lots of information in a short period of time. Time to find the fitness equipment!!

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