Monday, January 11, 2010

Twenty-ten....where have the years gone?

The new year was ushered in by our dog, Texas, waking us up at 12:30 in the morning by whining, pacing, and just being restless. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with him and I was fixin' to go to the guest room when we realized that there fireworks going off. He hates fireworks with a passion. Just about the time I was just resigned to his restlessness, my dh (he is an Einstein for sure) turned on the TV in our room. The noise was comforting to the dog and in no time at all Texas was curled up at the foot of the bed sleeping soundly. That was our first glimpse of 2010. Twenty-ten - doesn't that sound slightly SciFi?

So many things have changed from even just a year ago. With our move to Colfax, the sad loss of two of our dogs (actually one was Deakin's dog and one was Amanda's dog), and the selling of all of the Texas Longhorn cattle we had. Our life has gone from country living (people see that as laid back and relaxed but it is just the opposite if you have any animals at all) surrounded by hay fields, cattle, and wide-open spaces; to living in a small city with very little room between our home & our neighbors'. But we are very happy in our new home and you don't even know our neighbors are that close. Besides, our up-hill neighbor is very nice as is several other neighbors who have come by to introduce themselves. It's a very nice neighborhood.

We've had some family members stop by & visit with us since we've moved. My wonderful mother-in-law visited for about 3 weeks around Thanksgiving. We had a marvelous time. She is such a joy! Our oldest grandson (Ryan is 15) flew up for a week at Christmas - which was amazing as well. He's always so much fun to have around! We always enjoy his visits. And currently Ken's sister is visiting for a week. Ken has been very sick for the past week but hopefully he is on the mend. Her visit is about half over so hopefully the rest of her visit will be better than the first half. She is a joy to have in our home too. And all of these people also love our dog...they all have spoiled him sooooo rotten!

As I mentioned above, my dh has been very sick for the past week. It started with us cleaning the oven - the fumes reeked havoc on his lungs! He coughed & coughed for several days and then on Wednesday he started running a temperature. He started his antibiotics and prednisone kicker on Wednesday and was feeling relatively good by Thursday. He would run a temp in the evening but it was better during the day. On Friday, he drove to Spokane to pickup his sister at the airport. When he got home he started really feeling crummy and checked his temp - 101.7. I called the doc.

He's now on tamiflu as well as the antibiotics. He has also had both the seasonal flu shot as well as the H1N1 flu shot! So wonder what it is he has?? He was getting dehydrated so the doc has him drinking G2 (lots of it). That has helped too. He is now doing better but is still not completely recovered. Hopefully by mid-week he'll be feeling better yet.

That's about all the news from us. Until next time.....God bless - y'all are in my prayers!

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BD said...

Update on DH: Long story short - he had a staph infection in his blood (actually in his port-a-cath). He was hospitalized, port removed, PICC line inserted, IV antibiotics given (for 2 weeks) and last Friday he finally got the PICC line removed. We had a good scare as the staph could have infected the valves of his heart and caused major issues. But after an echocardiogram it was determined the valves were unaffected. Our prayers have been answered & he has been returned to relatively good health. Another port will be inserted in the next month or so. Thank you for all the prayers for him. God bless.