Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where Has the Summer Gone?

Amazing...fall is just around the corner! The days are, unfortunately, getting a bit shorter every day and the Back To School sales are in full swing. Where did this summer go? I guess between 3 weeks off of work and the whole buying a house thing have really taken up a good part of my summer. Whew...hope routine comes back into my life sometime.

Meanwhile, the Army son & his dear wife are expecting their baby in 3 short weeks!! OMG, they will be celebrating their 1st anniversary 2 days after Brenton is born. I just can't believe it. We will be going to southern Idaho to be there for the birth and to help with the older 2 grandkids. We are really looking forward to the time with the grandkids and the kids.

My Dad is doing wonderfully. He's been keeping busy with his tractor, swather, and baler. I've tried to get him to slow down a bit but he won't hear it. His knees are bothering him from time to time but besides that, he's doing okay. He was down on the ground the other day under his tractor and Ken offered him a hand in getting up but Dad took his cane and used the tractor tire & pulled himself up. He's getting very independent these days! I'm sure we'll miss him but we've extended an open invite to our new home - I want him to know he can come by anytime he wants. Maybe it will give him some place to go instead of sitting at home - which he hates.

This weekend I'll be taking a STARS course in Lewiston where I will be taught how to ride a motorcycle. My gf who rides some now is taking it with me so I won't be so self-conscious. Anyway, I think we'll have a good time - learn lots - and see if I like driving as much as I like riding motorcycles! More on this after.

Just wanted to touch base with every one. BTW, our RCIA team has asked Ken & I to be on the team this year. We are thrilled at the honor and we've accepted. We should be meeting soon to set up the schedule and start preparing. I'm getting excited for that. God bless - peace be with you.

Until next time....

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Kaybee said...

Summer is going! We have been in Billings for 5 weeks...Joe's work. We have missed most of the summer at home:( I really miss the crtitters...and my pool!! Been working day and night on this stupid business I started! I'm stupid, stupid, stupid! It is so much work...I'm used to being a kept woman! What did I do to myself?! Really, I'm having a blast!

Motorcycle mama! Sounds fun! How's the new house? How's the dh feeling? So much to much time always laspes between us:( Just know you are in my prayers always! Later--Love ya--K twittering?