Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dad Update

My apologies for not keeping this blog a little more up-to-date. My dad is recovering quite well. He was in ICU for about 3 weeks and then spent a few more weeks in a regular room in the hospital. He was in rehab for a couple of weeks and is now living with my sister and going to physical therapy daily. He is mending - both physically & mentally - from this horrendous accident. I attribute this miraculous recovery to 1) prayers of thousands from all over the country (thank you to my sil, mil, and church community for prayer wheels, circles, groups, etc.); and 2) my wonderful sister who has been by Dad's side from the moment he arrived in Seattle. She has selflessly given up most of her own life to be there for him every single day! My dh & I were able to stay on the other side of the Cascades (a good thing since most of the passes were closed for days at a time) and take care of the Longhorns, the dogs, the equipment, the bills, and the running of the ranch itself. Oh, and it was also good since I need to keep my job...working is a really good thing these days.

We are going to visit Dad this weekend - I may even bring back a photo or two. I'll try to write a short summary once we return to give a better update. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and good thoughts - it really works.

And in case I forgot - the Army son came home from Iraq just prior to Dad's accident safe & sound. He was able to spend his first Christmas with his new family - it was a lovely holiday for them. We spent the weekend before Christmas with them but Christmas itself was pretty quiet here on the ranch (with a ton of snow). Until next time (which hopefully will be sooner than a month from now!).

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Anonymous said...

oops...I checked your blog a few days ago...nothing...then I lecture you in an e-mail...then I decide to check said blog and there it was...a new blog!! Sorry, I should have checked before requesting an update! Anyway, I am so glad your dad is doing well...there is definately power in prayer. I am so happy to here the army son is home with you and his new family! Hope the winter hasn't caused you to much hardship, it's been a doozy, huh?!

Till next blog, know that I love ya! K