Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Dad

On November 18th my dad was involved in a horrible accident & ended up with a crushed femur, broken pelvis, and broken heel - and is still in the hospital in Seattle. He has not regained conscienceness at this time but is making progress. His lungs have fluid in them; however, so they are very worried about pneumonia. His blood pressure is also an issue as it spikes whenever he is breathing unaided and/or he opens his eyes. We are hoping & praying that these issues can be resolved soon so he can begin his recovery period. Please add him to your prayers.

The Army son is back from his 2nd deployment in Iraq - safe & sound. We are very thankful for his safe return. He will be spending Christmas with is wonderful wife & kids - we will be seeing him for a short weekend but we'll take what we can get.

Until next time, enjoy the Advent season - Merry Christmas to all - God bless you & pray for Peace on Earth.

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Anonymous said...

How is your dad doing? He's been in our prayers. You know, I'd give you the lecture on keeping up on your blog with new and interesting posts, but I don't do anything with my, there we are!! Never forget, you are very dear to me:) Love ya. K