Friday, November 7, 2008


I have restrained myself from discussing politics through this entire 2008 election. But I have had it now - the media and the gossip and the awful things being said about Sarah Palin AFTER THE DAMN ELECTION is over!! What in the hell is wrong with these people. I was a McCain/Palin supporter and I am taking great offense in all the rumors, innuendos, and downright lies about Sarah. This election was particularly nasty and I don't find the aftermath much better. Leave Sarah alone - the election is over & she & John lost. Let it go. It is just as much John McCain's "fault" as it is Sarah's for the loss so stop pushing it all off on her. I have never seen the media frenzy get worse towards the loosing candidates of an election!

Let's focus on the future and try to get our heads around our new president-elect. Let's pray for our leaders and hope that Mr. Obama can get this country moving in the right direction without taking away all of our rights for the pursuit of happiness and defending ourselves, our families, and our country.

Sorry for the rambling but this just really irks me. I wish the media would have higher standards than they do currently - and yes, I believe they are the crux of our problem with these types of reports. If the media didn't go asking around no staff members would volunteer the information (or I would hope they wouldn't). Also, in the future I would hope that the candidates hire a higher quality of staff members! Can we say references?

Next time I'll update ya'll on our wonderful Army son and his return to U.S. soil! In the meantime, ya'll are in our prayers. Until next time.....

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