Sunday, November 2, 2008

Get Out And Vote....

Thankfullly this presidential election is nearly over. It is pathetic the extent that both major political parties go to to dredge up garbage - some truths some lies - on the other candidate. Regardless of who are supporting, disregard all the negative garbage on the TV and most of the media. They are all slanted & each have their own agendas going into this election. Read lots of articles and bios and platforms of each candidate. Make your own decisions regardless of whether you grew up as a republican or democrat - think for yourself! Vote for the person that YOU think will lead this country the best for the next 4 years. Then get out there and VOTE. If you don't vote in this election, then I don't want to hear you bitch about this country's government, president or taxes!

On a bright note, I talked to our Army son today! He sounds great and he'll be leaving Baghdad the first part of this month!! He'll be spending about a month in KY before his 30 day leave but then he'll get to spend nearly a month with his wife & new family - just in time for Christmas and New Years. He is soooo excited! He actually apologized that they wouldn't get to see us much but I tried to explain to him that this is how it should be....he should be spending time with his wife and kids! He's turned out to be such a fine young man - we are sooo proud of him. And his wonderful wife is such a marvelous addition to our family (not to mention our beautiful, adorable, and loving grandchildren). We've been so very blessed.

The oldest grandson will be visiting us for Thanksgiving this year. We are thrilled that his mom is letting him come north for a week. He is hoping for snow the week he's here....I'm hoping for no snow at all for this winter!! He'll probably win. My sister & her family will be coming for Thanksgiving day - her youngest son and our oldest grandson are the same age and really enjoying hanging out together. So this year's turkey day should be full of love, food, laughter, and great family moments. We wiill be counting our blessings this year and thanking God for each of them - as well as for each of you!

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