Thursday, October 9, 2008


Autumn has definitely arrived here, how do I know? Here are a few things:
  1. Cold nights, warm days. Although it was 22 degrees at our home when I left for work this morning. (Note: snow is in the forecast for tonight/tomorrow.)
  2. The leaves are turning beautiful colors and gentling falling from the trees -- onto the ground - where I have to rake them thirty times before I get them all.
  3. I have to scrape my windshield in the morning.
  4. I have to wear a jacket not just in the morning but in the afternoons as well.
  5. I am driving to work in the dark.
I normally love autumn - all of the things I've listed usually make me happy (well, except the driving to work in the dark). But this year, I just want to go to bed and sleep until April. After last winter, I am afraid of what mother nature might have in store for us this winter. More feet of snow - stronger winds - colder temperatures? Who knows but I do know I am not looking forward to this winter - not one bit.

On a brighter note, we visited the new dil & grandkids last weekend - had a fabulous time. They are all wonderful & sweet & loving our son sooooo much. It appears the Army son's deployment is nearly over. The dil was advised to stop sending packages as of the 15th of this month - that usually happens a month before they start sending them home. This is bittersweet as it could mean a "stop loss" situation in 2010 - just before he's slated to be discharged. So please keep him & his young family in your prayers and hopefully when he comes home this time, it will be for good. But keep those prayers coming for his safety as well - he's been doing several missions that have been a few days in duration, so we always worry while he's out of touch.

Also, while in southern Idaho last weekend we attended an Alpha-1 Education Day. Learned some more about the lungs & how Alpha-1 interferes with lung health. We also learned to play the harmonica - it's actually a form of respiratory therapy - helps you breath better and from the diaphragm instead of using the shoulder muscles. Was amazing...and fun! We'll have pictures on the Idaho Alpha-1 site (see sidebar) soon - so check them out.

Speaking of Alpha-1, the dh is doing well. He got sick in August but immediately went to the doctor who gave him antibiotics and a different type of prednisone - kicked it in just days. Thankfully it only got as far as his bronchial tubes before getting zapped! We still do his treatments weekly and he is holding his own. The last lung function test was just slightly better than it had been - but basically staying steady. When speaking of lungs, staying the same is as good as it gets!

Until next time, please keep the Army son in your prayers as well as his family. We've added all of you to our prayers. And here's to a short, dry winter -- we missed spring this year all together! And don't forget to's not just a responsibility, it's a privilege.

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