Saturday, February 2, 2008

February .... wow

The month of January has zipped by - February is already here with St. Valentine's Day just around the corner. I hope you show the one you love how much they mean to you by giving them something from the heart. Cost doesn't matter - just something sincere and meaningful.

Our winter has just been stacking up the snow here. We've measure 24" (yes, 2 feet) of snow piled up on our son's pickup tenneau (sp?) cover. We took pictures before getting it off - we were afraid it would collapse it. Would hate to have his truck ruined for him when he came home from Iraq for a visit (hopefully around August). Speaking of our youngest son, he lost another friend on the 25 of January. He was terribly upset but not much he could do. He was a classmate & was killed in a logging accident. It's so sad to think what his parents are going through. I simply can't imagine. God bless Casey's family & friends. Our Army son has another angel watching over him.

God bless ya'll for all the prayers and good thoughts you've given our Army son. I believe that he is being kept safe in part because of these prayers & those angels watching over him (his grandmothers, his grandfather, Cowan (Jr.), Cody, & now Casey). Until the next time....

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