Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Testing for Breathing

Most of us don't even have to think about breathing - it's an involuntary action. However, individuals that have breathing issues (COPD, asthma) actually think about breathing in and out (including using the pursed lip method when having difficulties) every single day. My dh recently was sent to a different hospital for a PFT (basically a breathing test). We received his results this past weekend and the numbers had fallen dramatically over the winter. I was scared to death. Thankfully we're going to see his lung/Alpha-1 specialist in Redmond, WA in April so we'll see how those tests come out. So many things can play into the numbers - pollution, other environments (perfumes, candles, other scents) - so I am going to stop worrying.

My father-in-law passed away last year - nearly a year ago now - and my mil is doing well. I feel her pain as my fil was a wonderful man & I miss him dearly; however, I only knew him for 7 years. They were married 40 years! I can't imagine how much she misses him. But I'm learning from her strength & her candor about how she is feeling. I'm so afraid that I'll have to deal with the same kind of loss - I only hope that the dh & I have at least 33 more years of wedded bliss ahead of us! He's such a big part of my life.

Army son is well - have talked to him several times online. He's been out on missions - multiple day missions - so definitely keep him in your prayers. I know that the prayers and the angels that are watching over him are keeping him safe. This may not be his last deployment before he is discharged - he may have to go back for a 3rd time. Not real happy about that but nothing can be done. We sure could use his help on the ranch sooner rather than later!

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