Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Well we are definitely experiencing winter in the Pacific Northwest. Oh my word!! Snow, snow and more snow - a little wind thrown in to make life interesting - and now the clouds have cleared and it is ...bbrrrrr....COLD! Just a little below zero but not getting over 20 degrees during the day!! Yikes....makes me wish for the warm of Christmas week in Orlando....oh well. The sun is shining during the day - the days are getting a little longer each day - and spring can't be too far away!

My dh and I have pretty much recovered from our travel bug - mine turned into a sinus infection & the dh got a lung infection. However, we both got some antibiotics and smacked them good so it's all good. We've been outside a bit too much lately so we're both packing a sore throat again - hopefully that's all it will be.

The Army son is well & actually got pictures of the snow in Baghdad! I guess that was quite a site - as it doesn't normally snow there. He won't be home until August - it will be nice to see him again. He is so missed - he will never know how much.

Well instead of rambling I will try to find something real & interesting for the next post. I'll try to add a link to all the vacation pictures so ya'll can see them (if you haven't already). Thanks & Happy New Year!! Until next time....

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Anonymous said...

Cold here also!! The good thing about our weather here in the Great North West...it comes to an end...Spring is only a couple months away!! Who needs FL?:)

So glad you are home safe sound and healthy. Love ya...hi to dh.