Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's Really Winter!!

Yikes...snow, snow & more snow! Now it's turning cold....brrrrrr! But, alas, our vacation south is only 17 days away!!!! Warm, sunshine, warm......wooohooo! My dh & I are spending the holidays with kids, grandkids, mom, aunts, uncles, and his sister & her fam. We are so fortunate and thankful for all we have. We are leaving my dad to feed the cows & take care of things at this end. Please keep him in your prayers. I just hope he stays well while we are gone.

The dh has been retired for nearly a month now. His health is good & his energy level is much better. He is sleeping normal hours and is away from the chemicals & sick people. These things are making him feel lots better. We are so fortunate that he can now concentrate on his health.

The Army son is well, too. I was glad to read in the newspaper that the U.S. military fatalities are steadily decreasing. That is good news especially when one's baby boy is serving over there! God bless him & all of the military personnel serving this great country.

I just wanted to remind everyone to take care of yourselves during these flu months. Remember to wash your hands well (20 seconds at least) & often; sneeze into your sleeve instead of your hand; and stay home when you're sick. Just doing these three things can help keep viruses from spreading & help keep people like my dh well during the flu season. I have talked to the people I work with & they have been wonderful and very understanding. The most difficult one is staying home when you are sick - but seriously, this is so very important.

Merry Christmas - Happy New Year - God bless ya'll!! Until the next time....

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k said...

Warm weather!! I'm sooooo jealous! I want pictures and updates!