Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Football, Sandbox, & Blessings

My Dallas Cowboys are doing very well this year - 9-1 so far. I've been a Cowboys fan for years now - even in their bad years. I nearly dumped them when Troy was let go; however, I decided the team wasn't at fault - that was Jerry Jones' decision. So....through all the ups and downs, I've been cheering for them. Although I don't get to see all of their games living in the Pacific Northwest, I hear about the games from my kids/grandkids in Texas. So "Go 'Boys" - a Super Bowl game would be awesome!!!

The Army son is settling into the routine in the "sandbox". We get an occasional email from him & a yahoo message when we happen to be online at the same time (which is not often enough). His new laptop is ready to be shipped as is his Christmas tree, gifts & other goodies. I hope everyone says a prayer for the military personnel who will not be spending the holidays with their families - they are OUR BLESSINGS as they keep us safe & allow us all of our wonderful freedoms.

Speaking of blessings, we have so many.....my dh's lungs have stayed relatively unchanged for the past year & a half (that's good news considering the alternatives & that there is no "cure"); my mother-in-law is such a joy & a huge part of our lives; my father is healthy & doing well; my health is good although I would like to loss a bit more weight; I have a wonderful job working with some great individuals; we have a beautiful home; we have lots of love in our family; all of our children are doing well & the grandkids are well; we are extremely proud of our Army son - his committment to the U.S. Army, his job, and his unit is absolutely mind-blowing; and most of all we are thankful for all of our friends & family - some friends are not seen very often but our true friends are not jealous or upset because we can't see them every week/month/year - but those true friends have & will last through the years. God bless each & every one of you.

Our love to all and remember to count your blessings this Thanksgiving - our blessings usually outweigh our troubles. Until next time.....

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear dh is doing well. Our prayers and support to Army Son. How did you do your slideshow...I am having trouble with mine...HELP!!! Hugs! K