Saturday, November 10, 2007

Where Has This Year Gone?

It is November....and I'm still in July. OMG, this year is flying by. I just about have all of our Christmas gifts made (I have been learning to etch on glass - yes, by hand) so now just need to send them south.

My dh just took a medical retirement from his job. His last day was yesterday. He had been working nights for the past 5 years and his lung specialist had diagnosed him with "night shift syndrome" or something along those lines. He also has a small amount of positional sleep apnea. We're hoping that we can get his weight under control as well as his general health with him not working.

The Army son is now in Baghdad and learning how to be a fire fighter (yes, mom is thrilled...). He'll be going outside the wire (outside the camp) to fight fires for at least a month or so. I'm not too terribly excited; however, he seems to be so...we will support whatever he does (like he really has a choice in this.....). He is also getting a promotion the first of next month. Hopefully one of a couple that he should be getting during his 15-month tour. Prayers are very welcomed.

It's raining here - finally. The Pacific Northwest has been dry for several months - I didn't realize how long it had been until last week. I drove through a spot where a rain shower had just passed and I couldn't figure out what "that" smell was. It took several minutes to realize that it was the smell of rain (like a spring rain). It had been a very long time since I had smelled that fabulous smell. Today it is raining and we're supposed to get rain on & off for the next several days. Let's just hope it stays liquid & doesn't come down in a more solid state (snow is not my favorite kind of weather).

To our Veterans - thank you for your service to our country and fighting for our many freedoms. I salute you!

Happy Holidays to one and all.

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Anonymous said...

Just read your post...time does go by quickly doesn't it? I'm always so far behind I think I'm in first place! Winter is a nice time to catch up. Hi to the dh and prayers to the Army son. A warm Verteran's Day to all. You are in our prayers. K