Friday, October 26, 2007

Vacation is Over...for now

Wow...the week & a half vacation that my dh & I took is nearly over. Bummer...Monday takes us back to work. We are thankful for the time we had with the dh's mom. We had a wonderful week with her - she is such a joy to be around. I have truly been blessed by having the best mil in history. We showed her around the Palouse, she took a ton of pictures to take home with her. She thoroughly enjoyed herself except the weather had turned a bit chilly - mostly 40's & 50's - the wind blew (off a glacier I'm sure) - and of course, it rained. The day she flew out the temps reached nearly 80 degrees!! And we've had beautiful weather since then. The warm is about over but the sun is supposed to keep shining for a few more days.

Talked to the Army son today - several times. Once on the phone & a couple of times on Yahoo! Messenger. He's doing fine - still in Kuwait waiting to be transported to B-city. He is always concerned about his grandparents (has 4 out of 7 remaining); how the ranch is doing; how we're doing; and if I've seen any of his friends lately. He's lost a couple of good friends this year. It is difficult to lose your friends but when you are 22, it's even more difficult (& totally unexpected). I try not to worry him overly but I won't keep things from him - he's not a child any longer. If something bad happens here, I will contact him immediately. It's not fair to keep important information - even bad news - away from our brave military personnel. I think it hurts them very deeply and makes them feel disconnected from home.

Our Army son is fighting to get the rank that has been withheld from him for the past 3 years. He was "flagged" because he didn't "tape" right (didn't weigh what the Army thought he should in comparison to his neck measurement). The flag was finally lifted several months ago & he was told he would get a promotion. Well, that hasn't happened AND he read in the Army regs recently that his flag should have been removed during his first deployment to Iraq. It wasn't. If he doesn't get rank by Nov 1st - he'll be finding out why (as in over the heads of his direct supervisor). Enough is enough....he should have the rank due him (and then some in my opinion).

Ok, that is my rank for this week. Happy Friday to all. I'm fixin' to thoroughly enjoy this weekend - sunshine, laundry, and all. God bless & keep the 101st Airborne Division in your prayers.

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