Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday....oh hum....

Our youngest son has flown to the mid-east. He'll be out of country for 15 months or more. While we're not thrilled that he is in a war zone & in danger, we are truly proud of him. I am proud of our country & the purpose for which they are fighting. This is our son's second tour in Iraq and after the first tour I am not nearly so frightful of the outcome. He also told us after he returned from tour #1 that the media does not tell us the whole story (because it wouldn't be as interesting nor sell as many papers). But the people of Iraq, for the most part, are glad that we are there & trying to help them fight off the insurgents. These people want peace in their beloved country more than anything else. The insurgents only want power & death & destruction. I am proud that my son is a part of that fight for freedom. God bless him & all of the military personnel who are over there fighting & protecting.

On a second rant - I am from Idaho. I am sick to death of all the crap going on around the Larry Craig "scandal". The only thing scandalous about the entire affair is that the Minneapolis police department are allowed to arrest people for just being in a restroom. Most of us did not know before this all blew up that running your hand under the stall meant you wanted to have sex. Geez....arrest me now officer....I've done that a bunch asking for some toilet paper from the neighboring stall. If I had known what that REALLY meant.....whew, it was a good thing I wasn't in Minneapolis at the time!!

I say to Mr. Craig - I voted for you in the past several elections. You are a part of Idaho history. I support you & your family in whatever you decide to do with this silly, stupid, embarrassing, and totally ridiculous legal problem that you find yourself. Stay in office & do what you were elected to do for the great State of Idaho. You'll have a home here when you leave that place where our nation's capitol is located...Now there's trouble....let's worry about cleaning DC up and not about Mr. Craig's restroom manners.

Okay, now that I'm on a roll....I want to tell you about my father-in-law's military funeral that quickly turned into a disgrace ....well, maybe next time. Until then....

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