Sunday, September 9, 2007

This is the Week!

This is the big week. We're leaving in a couple of days to meet the new lung specialist. I'm nervous for some reason. Guess I may be expecting way too much or maybe I'm afraid that he'll slap the dh on oxygen immediately. That scares me. He's also going to talk to us about a lung transplant - although the dh isn't quite there. I'm nervous because I'm not sure what he'll say to us. So keep the dh in your prayers and I'll let ya'll know how it goes after we get home.

The wonderful Army son was home last weekend and it was marvelous! He has grown up into quite the young man. He stayed out of trouble and saw a few of his friends & a bunch of his family (including his Grandpa that had been feeling slighted a bit).

He got back to base on Monday to find out that a good buddy of his (was a roommate until July when he was transferred to Colorado) had been killed in a camping accident (lightening struck several feet from the tent but the wet ground served as a conductor). Anyway, he was pretty shook up....what a shock for a kid in his early 20's. His buddy was heading back to Iraq in a day or two. The Army son is also heading back to Iraq for his second tour next month. Prayers for him too and for the family of his buddy!!!

Until next time. God bless and remember to count your blessings!

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