Saturday, September 15, 2007

The New Doc

Well, we met the new lung specialist and were so impressed. Dr. Sandblom is knowledgeable of the lungs as well as Alpha-1. He communicated well with my dh and myself; and gave us his undivided attention for 90 minutes! He asked questions; he answered questions; and he seemed to really care about my dh as a human. While he doesn't want my dh to sit around and do nothing (just the opposite), he doesn't like him working night shift or working around chemicals. So that will be changing. He wants the dh to get healthier - better diet & more exercise. So that's what we're concentrating on now. Hopefully when we go back to see him in 6 months the dh will be lighter & healthier.

We are so happy to have made this change - we took control and found a doctor that cares and knows what he is talking about. Don't settle for a so-so doctor - you deserve the very best!! The dh does - and he got just that. God bless - until next time!

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