Friday, August 31, 2007

Long Weekend

Here's the beginning of a 3-day weekend - unfortunately it is the "official" mark to the end of summer. We're still experiencing warm temps 70's - 90's lately. The one saving grace in this part of the country is that it normally cools way down in the evenings. We open windows to let that cool air in - it's wonderful. Last night the low was 71 degrees!! Wow....nothing cooled off last night. Should be better tonight or so they say.

Our "Army of One" son is coming home for a couple of days to drop off his truck. For the next 15 months or so, he'll be in Iraq somewhere. We'll store his truck - starting it occasionally - getting its oil changed before he comes home - washing the dust off from time-to-time. But it's more than that to us. It is a part of our son. He loves his truck & trusts us with it. Part of him will remain at home with us while he journeys back into the sandbox. Mom will try not to cry when we take him to the airport on Monday - but no promises.

My dh is struggling at work - less lung-power; more chemicals; less help; and more bitching (stress seems to make breathing worse). I'm not sure what the answer is - a new job would be good but he's been out of the IT arena for so long??? Hopefully something will change before winter - he deserves to live a "normal" life without chemicals or people stressing him out!! Keep him in your prayers. God bless and have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend.

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