Friday, August 10, 2007

Deployment to Iraq

The deployment of our youngest son to Iraq is fast approaching. He will be in the sandbox for 15 months this time. I believed in their mission when they went over last time (2005-2006). But this time, I am just not sure. I believe in my son and the soliders that he works with. I know they will keep one another as safe as possible. But I think our government needs to try another tact with the new Iraqi government. Please add our son & the entire 101st Airborne Division to your prayers as they do what they were trained to do. God bless them every step of the way.

I will be putting up yellow ribbons on every tree, post, & mailbox that I can at our place. Another thing I did for the last deployment was to wear the beautiful necklace that our son bought me when he first went into the Army. It is a beautiful gold necklace with several diamonds. I wore it for the entire year & I'll wear it for his entire deployment this time as well. I am hoping that he wears his Grandpa E's St. Christopher that Grandma gave him when Grandpa passed away this spring. I'm sure Grandpa will help to keep him safe, too.

More on my dh next time. He's well but working too hard so we'll explore that a bit. Until next time.....

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