Sunday, March 12, 2017

Crazy Year Part III

Immediately after ordination (Saturday) and the baptisms of our two youngest grandchildren by their loving grandpa (Ken), we drove to Kennewick, WA with our daughter, Kara, and son-in-law, Kerem - as they wanted to spend a bit of time with Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Calvin, cousins, and Grandpa Ben. It was so joyous to have so much family surrounding us with all the love you can imagine. I took a bunch of pictures to commemorate this amazing day. I don't think Kara had seen Grandpa Ben since she was 13 or 14 (maybe) so it was quite the reunion.

The week following ordination, I returned to work, but Ken stayed with me in Kennewick as did his mom and their life-long friends from Pensacola, the Pings. It was wonderful and I so appreciated the extra time we got to spend with mom. In 2016, we got to spend time with Ken's mom (btw, she is the BEST mother-in-law in the entire universe) in March and in October! This doesn't often occur - we usually get to spend a week or two with her every other year or so. But this year was so very special with getting to spend so much time with family, especially mom.

The holidays in 2016 seemed a bit anti-climatic with all the excitement and huge events throughout the rest of the year. Thanksgiving is a blur - quiet and peaceful (I think). But Christmas was very memorable. Our friends in Moscow, George and Caroline Canney, were away for the holidays. But they graciously allowed us to inhabit their beautiful home for a few days. We had an amazing Christmas dinner with several people from the parish and community that didn't have family in the area. We bought two complete dinner kits from Rosauers in Colfax and everyone else brought various side dishes. We had a huge feast, wonderful companionship, superb conversation, and lots of laughter. An amazing day with many, many amazing friends.

So now we have come full circle - back to a New Year - 2017 this time. Hopefully it won't be a whole year before I can get an update on this blog for the few people who actually read it! God bless everyone and here is to an amazing 2017!!

Until the next time.....

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KayBee said...

What an amazing journey you are on!!
Hugs to you and Ken!!
Love ya!!