Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life is Precious

I know....a "duh" statement, right? But so very true. I work at Washington State University so the release of the shooter's journal today has freaked me out just a bit. He is the shooter that was on the Seattle Pacific University campus shooting people randomly. His intended target was WSU (the very same place that I work). This campus is not that big so....the thought of an active shooter situation on our campus that is quite literally situated among the wheat fields, is scary, to say the least. 

Life can change in the blink of an eye - depending on the decisions that you make but also decisions that others make. Talk about feeling out of control!! Yikes!

So before I talk myself right into a nervous breakdown, I will be giving this all up to God! He can sort through all the media frenzy, look into the hearts of others, and guide me through life (hoping for a long-ish one) like no other. He is a loving and kind God - and is always there for us. He is beyond time and space - that's why He can do the wondrous things He does. 

So am praying for all of those people affected by this shooter's actions, praying for those who have similar thoughts of shooting a bunch of innocents, and praying for my father's family because that is all I can do. Love, peace, tolerance, and forgiveness......these things can change the world. I am praying for these things unceasingly!

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