Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our New Hampshire trip

While I am writing this at the airport in Washington, DC you will not be reading it until we have safely returned home. We had a marvelous time with the youngest daughter, Amanda and her family including 7 week old Wesley. He is simply beautiful and such a blessing to our family. We watched him sleep and I took a lot of pictures of him as well as his older sister and cousins. We got to spend time and spoil 4 of our 15 grandkids for a whole week. What fun!!
The dh is doing well and hopefully will stay that wa as we trek through Holy Week and on to Easter Vigil mass as well as Easter morning mass. As my dad told me the year we became Catholic, "you must be the holiest people I know as much as you go to church." I don't think we're all that holy; however, we will be in church quite a lot.Happy Easter to everyone nd God bless.

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