Friday, September 3, 2010

Priorities - Choices - Freedom

I had been struggling with the sheer volume of tasks/obligations/reading/etc. that I had on my plate. We've begun our Lay Ministry formation classes (4 years) and there is a lot of reading & writing involved. I feel that this is where God wants me right now - there is something that I need to do down the road. So that is a top priority. Of course, I am still working 40 hours a week at my job - being a wife, mother, grandmother (15 grandchildren & one on the way!!!) - teaching a couple of RCIA topics this year & part of the RCIA team - revamping the St. Mary's website (almost done I think) - and trying to stay in contact with family & friends (thankfully my friends are awesome & all "low maintenance" - I am so blessed by having each of them in my life). On top of all that, football season is and professional (high school is my favorite but I don't know anyone on the local team so it's not nearly as fun).

So I was faced with setting some priorities in my life. The choices I made have given me the feeling of freedom from chaos, disappointment, and some strangely placed guilt & stress. I made a decision yesterday that has freed me from the Internet and given me several hours a day free to do the things I need & want to do. Don't be too surprised...but I gave up FARMVILLE! For those who are living outside of Facebook, Farmville is simply an online graphical space where you can develop a farm complete with crops, trees, animals, buildings, equipment, and ALL OF THE HEADACHES associated with running a real farm. I was at level 51, had lots of money & fuel stashed, and was making wine like there was no tomorrow. LOL...and I deleted it ALL yesterday.

I am still using Facebook but now, since I don't have any Farmville activities in my feed, I can actually see status updates from my friends & family instead of having to hunt for them or missing some entirely. I feel free of the obligation to harvest my crop before it whithers - harvest my animals - collect shovels or nails or boards or bees. It is absolutely life changing!

So I am encouraging all of my friends and family - if you are addicted to any online game (i.e., Farmville, Farm Town, Whatever World) and can't seem to live your life without logging on several times a day - just say ENOUGH and delete your game account (from your Facebook, select Account - Application Settings and then click the X next to the application such as Farmville).

Now excuse me while I finish my reading/writing assignments for my class and spend some quality time (with no computer running) with my dh. Life here I come!

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