Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ILLiad PreConference Training

I don't usually write about work on this blog but I am currently in Virginia Beach, VA attending the ILLiad International Conference here. Today is the pre-conference training session on Data Reporting Made Simple. This morning we have talked about using the ILLiad SQL database data in various software products (Access, Excel) and how we can use the new ILLiad 8.0 to access a lot of the same data as the ODBC link allows us to access. Stephanie (trainer) gave us detailed information on the various tables (numerous) within the ILLiad SQL database but mostly we talked about the few tables we actually need to access & understand. The Users and Transaction tables are the two most commonly used tables (ours are actually UsersAll and TransactionsAll as we have multiple sites). The Tracking and History tables were discussed indepth - Tracking records every status or queue change and the History stores that plus more (OCLC updates, billing process, etc.). Basically each Transaction number could have many many records in the tracking and history tables. The TransactionStatus in the Transactions table only contains the current status for that record and the TransactionDate contains the date that the current status was entered. So if you need information on status during the process, use the Tracking table instead.

We discussed some ILLData basics including the SQL database and that we can use SQL tools to access this data. However, we can also setup a read only ODBC link so we can link or export the data into Access or Excel (respectively). There is a new table that I need to look into - WorldcatInfo table and it can be used for Collection development among other things. It contains the information from OCLC on items that we send out to be filled (so those items we do not have).

We discussed web reports as well as the OCLC reports. I will continue this report during the lunch period containing information regarding these two areas. I do not normally use the web reports (although I know Jill does) but not too sure about the OCLC reports (as I haven't had access to them in the past). Until then.....from sunny Virginia Beach, VA (yes, I am stuck in a conference room with NO WINDOWS - but I am used that!!).

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