Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday but...

Last Saturday, my dh & I were confirmed into the Catholic faith! We are thrilled and happy and very happy! On Easter Sunday, our marriage was blessed by the parish priest. It was amazing. We took our first Eucharist on Saturday – that was truly an experience! We have been given the privilege of being Catholic! We couldn’t be happier. We continue our learning for the next several weeks – until Pentecost – and then we’re hoping to work with the RCIA team (as members or sponsors). They are a very dedicated and knowledgeable group – I’m sure we can still learn a great deal from each of them.


Now, I do have one thing I do need to vent about, however. I now know 2 individuals who have purchased new computers recently from local store chains. Neither are big computer gurus but nevertheless the salesperson sold them a 64-bit processor computer!! Most everyone else, other than scientists, engineers, or architects (probably others, too), uses a 32-bit processors. If you’d like to read about the differences, check out – it’s pretty straightforward.


Anyway, the basic reason that purchasing a 64-bit system is such a royal pain is because it requires a different version of your operating system, different drivers for all of the peripherals (printers, digital cameras, scanners, etc.) and there is some hardware that is not compatible at all with the 64-bit processors. So you always have to make sure that the program or hardware will run under a 64-bit system.


So please, unless you are a DBA, researcher, CAD designer, etc., do NOT let a salesperson push you into buying a computer with 64-bit processor. Just say NO. Stay with the normal 32-bit systems and you will have fewer headaches and more fun with your new purchase!


Until next time, peace be with you!

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