Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well, Daddy has been home for a while now. He'll be going back to my sister's next week as he has some appointments and physical therapy - as well as a surgery in mid-April. But it's been awesome having him home. We took him & my sis out to dinner last night - it was great to see my Dad interact with people he knows and just be at home. He's getting around great with the aid of his walker but last night he just used the wheelchair. It worked great. He ate a good fish dinner and seemed to really enjoy himself. We enjoyed being with them both - it was an incredible night.

My week at work was great - I finished a major project successfully and learned a ton of stuff about Apache server, php, and mySQL as well as bibliographic databases!! It was an incredible learning experience and I am truly blessed to have such a great boss & job (not to mention my awesome co-workers).

Sunday we celebrate the Rite of Sending followed by the Rite of Election on Monday. We get to meet the Bishop of our state - it should be an experience for sure! Keep us in your prayers - as well as for my dad's continued progress. God bless and.....

....until next time!

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