Thursday, February 12, 2009

Creation vs. Evolution

Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday is being celebrated today as well as next week on the campus where I work. I was never a big believer in Darwinism so was pretty perturbed when I saw all the hoopla. So I goggled creation vs. evolution and found a very interesting bunch of articles on this very subject. Here are a few:

Creation denotes the existence of a divine Creator who has exercised His creative abilities, creating this world and the life-forms we see. Life is the product of intelligent contrivance. Thus, apparent design in biology would constitute evidence for a Designer. It is a self-evident and universally recognized truth: concept and design require an intelligent designer. So, while recognizing design in biology is not based upon religious premise (but upon empirical observation and logic), it certainly has theological implications [1]. Do we find apparent design in biology? Yes. In fact, apparent design pervades the biologic realm [2, 3]. When we apply the general principles of detecting design to living creatures, we find it reasonable to infer the existence of a Creator.

Evolution stresses the naturalistic (random, undirected) descent of all living creatures from a common ancestor [4] who originally evolved from
inorganic matter. Life is the product of random chance. What we need here is a plausible mechanism, feasibility, and a history of functionality. British naturalist Charles Darwin (1809-1882) gave the evolutionary worldview scientific credence by supplying the much needed mechanism - "natural selection". That was 150 years ago. Today, we know that mechanism to be deficient, even in light of genetic mutation. With the tremendous advances we've made in molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics over the past fifty years we've been exposed to a whole new dimension in living systems that was previously unknown. Evolutionary biologists are now looking for a new mechanism, one that can overcome genetic constraints and other chemical-oriented barriers that have been identified in recent years. Until this mechanism is found, the theory of evolution (a theory which has enjoyed prominence in biological circles for over 100 years) simply lacks feasibility, and thus, credibility. (snippet from )

I am a logical person but am also a religious/Christian person. The logical side of me likes this definition because it supports my religious side that believes the world was created as outlined in Genesis. You can make up your own mind. But I’m standing by what I know and believe – God created the heaven and the earth – period. I will not be celebrating Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday but will be thanking God for the gifts He’s given me.

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