Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer is Drawing To a Close

Sad day for sure. I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer. So much fun and family and grandkids galore. We had a long motorcycle vacation in Texas, as well as a trip to Caldwell on the bike a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I have also done a ton of studying - and have only 18 months before graduation! I may be able to do an 80 hour internship remotely with a spectacular Alpha-1 researcher - should know soon. It is an exciting time in our lives. Ken graduated from the Lay Ministry program in August after 4 years of very hard work. And we found out this summer that ken was accepted into the Deacon program and if all goes well he will be ordained in 2 years. 

We have been blessed in so many ways. We have also lost a couple of very special people. My step-father's beautiful wife went home to our Father in May - while we were in Texas - and we miss Alice every day. My step-father is managing day by day and he is in our prayers daily. We also lost a very special friend from our Lay Ministry family - Mary was only in our lives for 4 years but she was such a loving, caring person - we will miss her for a very long time. So glad you were able to see the Luke group graduate - we all love you and miss you, Mary. 

To our friends and family, as we say good bye to Summer 2014 and hello to autumn, know you are in our prayers and our hearts. We wish you and your families a wonderful, beautiful fall. God bless. 

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