Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Catechesis Via RCIA

Ken and I are starting another year on the parish RCIA team. It is an exciting time of year. The team scheduled topics and presenters. We are trying a new tact - pretty much each presentation was assigned to a team if two team members. We will also try to tie each presentation with previous presentations. We are also following a schema that Fr. Joe will present next week to us. It will help to clarify how specific or detailed a presentation will be depending on the timing. For instance, the first six weeks or so are considered the inquiry period. During this period we will discuss things in broader, basic terms as to not overwhelm the participants. After the first Rite, the tone will change to more doctrine and specifics. It should be an interesting year. As always, I am really looking forward to RCIA! 

Praying for peace throughout the world and safety for all those at risk because of their religious beliefs. God bless and have a marvelous autumn.


KayBee said...

Hey! It's been awhile but I sure think about you often! I love where you're going with your lives! How exciting...I love getting the posts that keep us in the loop! I hope your dear hubby and all the kids are well! God Bless!!

BD said...

I don't write on the blog as often as I would like but try to put the important stuff out there. At least I know one person reads it!! :)

Everyone is well and happy. Ken's health has remained the same since being diagnosed so there are no complaints there. He is hoping to be ordained a Deacon in October 2016 and will send y'all an invite! It will be in Boise.

Hope all is well with you both and your family! We need to catch up but life has been crazy and time has just slipped by so fast.

Hugs all around and we'll chat soon....